Fuad L. Jawad On National Broadcast/MTV

Public Awareness & the Solution(s) to the government on Lebanon's Oil & Gas -
ندعو الدولة اللبنانية والشعب لمعرفة حقيقة الامور المتعلقة بنفطنا والحلول لكيفية ادارته بشكل تقني وصحيح

  • Only Six Amendments to Lebanon's Petroleum Law 132/10
  • تعديل ستة (6) بنود فقط في القانون النفطي (باللغة العربية) - Click Here
  • Google/YouTube: ESA-2015 Oil & Gas Forum/Fuad Jawad - Click Here
  • Lebanon’s Moral Dilemma (Presentation) - Click Here
  • Solution to Lebanon’s Oil & Gas Dilemma.
  • - Original Publication, English - Click Here
  • - Translation, Arabic version - Click Here
  • Proposed Blocks Delineation Offshore Lebanon, 10 to 15 Blocks - Click Here
  • Proposed “Oil Industry” Model uniquely for Lebanon - Click Here

News & Debates - Lebanon

  • The increase of Blocks is more lucrative to Lebanon (in Arabic): click HERE (Annahar Newspaper on December 17, page 13)
  • Red Flags, exercised by the Ministry of Energy in Lebanon (in Arabic) : click HERE
  • Critical problems (in Arabic) with the Aerial /Airborne Surveys over Lebanon: click HERE

Technical Presentations

  • Oil & Gas Summit/Lebanon 2013 - Fuad L. Jawad Click HERE.
  • Oil & Gas Summit/Lebanon 2013 - Dr. Enzo Zappaterra Click HERE.
  • Oil & Gas Summit/Cyprus 2013 - Dr. Enzo Zappaterra Click HERE.

Special Events

PetroServ - Oil & Gas Summit/Lebanon- 2013 PetroServ was the Exclusive Representative on this Event. IRN/PetroServ Post-Event Report. Click HERE to open the attachment.

We do it again: IRN/PetroServ Oil & Gas Summit/Lebanon-2014. Venue: Beirut, Four Seasons Hotel, June/2014. More details to come...


Education - Offshore Rigs Components & Operation

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